Health Insurance

Health Insurance Options from Krell Insurance

Everyone knows that health care costs a lot of money. Newspapers and radio are full of discussion on the spiraling costs. Even a trip to urgent care for strep throat or stitches can run hundreds of dollars. Health insurance helps you manage those costs. Find out how the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) impacts you. Get a health insurance quote today.

Health Insurance Basics

The marketplace offers policies covering medical, dental, vision, and long-term care. The choices are dizzying. The Affordable Care Act adds another layer of confusion. The average individual is drowning in details about healthcare insurance. Step back and review the basics.

Essentially, you get a health insurance quote, decide on a policy, and then pay a premium on a regular basis to an insurance company. In return, the company promises to pay a portion of your healthcare costs. Having health insurance lets you get the care you need without suffering financial ruin. No two policies are alike, however. For example, some require patients to use particular providers, while others give more choice.

Rely on Krell Insurance to Make Sure You’re Covered

The best way to get a handle on healthcare insurance is to sit down with a knowledgeable agent who understands current law and the marketplace, and ask for a health insurance quote.

First we will assess your need:

  • What does the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) mean for you? We can explain health care exchanges.
  • Are you eligible for insurance through your employer?
  • What kind of coverage do you have through your spouse?
  • Are you a member of an association or group that offers coverage?

Then we will look at your particular health concerns:

  • Do you have pre-existing conditions?
  • What is your family medical history?
  • Do you want to continue seeing a particular physician?
  • Do you prefer a lower-cost, higher-deductible plan or a higher-cost, lower-deductible plan?
  • What kind of coverage might you need for mental health? Orthodontia? Vision? Prescription drugs?
  • Do you have children or spouse needing coverage as well?

We listen and keep your information confidential. Once we get a clear picture of your needs, we will find an appropriate policy and give you a health insurance quote.

We work with top-notch insurance companies that offer a variety of policies at different price points. Having healthcare insurance isn’t enough—you need the right healthcare insurance, particularly in these days of skyrocketing costs. You also need an insurance agent you can trust, one who understands Obamacare, and one you can depend on to keep abreast of requirements and developments.

Our customer service is ongoing. We will revisit your coverage from time to time as your needs change. When you need to make a claim, we will help with the process. The last thing anyone needs when dealing with health problems is to have insurance hassles as well. That’s where we come in.