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Home Insurance For Southern Wisconsin

Buying a home is a big investment, financially and emotionally. And we all know that crime, accidents, and severe weather are part of life. Everyone experiences loss or damage of some kind, at some point. You can’t predict when you’ll be faced with crisis, but you can protect your financial investment. We work with homeowners to find the right homeowners insurance at the right price. Call us to get a free homeowners insurance quote.

Homeowners Insurance Covers Damages and Lawsuits

Let one of our agents give you a quote on home insurance which, broadly speaking, covers two kinds of situations:

  • Repair expenses resulting from covered losses such as bad weather, crime, and fire that damage your property:
    • A thief breaks into your house.
    • A tornado ravages your roof.
    • An electrical fire causes smoke damage.
  • Liability expenses resulting from a covered loss such as injuring another person or damaging another’s property:
    • Your dog bites a passerby.
    • A guest slips on your deck.
    • Your daughter kicks a soccer ball through the neighbor’s window.

When your property is damaged or you become liable to another for damage or injury, you can file a claim, and the insurance company will reimburse you for a portion of the expense. The losses and kinds of liability covered and the amount of reimbursement depends on the policy. Find out the cost of a policy by getting a home insurance quote.

Get the Right Policy

Medical expenses and lawsuits can devastate household finances. Getting the right policy is essential and depends on many factors. Local factors include crime rates and weather risks in this area. Other factors influencing premiums relate to characteristics of your home, like its value, age, and condition. Also you may want extra coverage for specific personal property like jewelry or electronics. All these factors and others affect the amount of coverage you need and, in turn, your homeowners insurance rates. Find out how by getting a homeowners insurance quote.

We help you assess these risks and explain the ins and outs of coverage:

  • Should you get an “umbrella policy” to increase your liability coverage?
  • Are you eligible for any discounts on your insurance premium?
  • Should you cover what it would cost to replace your home and personal property or buy just enough to cover the current depreciated value?
  • Do you prefer an “all risk” policy that covers all risks (except for those specifically excluded in the written policy) or a “named perils” policy (covers only those risks itemized in the policy)?
  • Should you add coverage for specific items through an “endorsement” to the policy?
  • Should you get a homeowners policy if you already have a lender’s policy of home insurance?

After we talk, we will provide you with home insurance quotes from reputable companies.

Krell Insurance Provides Full Service

In addition to helping with homeowners coverage, we assist with insurance on your lake place or winter escape. Generally speaking, vacation homes don’t always qualify for coverage under a general homeowners policy, but instead require different kinds of protection to address unique needs.

We also offer policies on rental units and mobile homes. These too call for specialized policies.

As part of the Verona community, we are familiar with the cost of medical care, lawsuit judgments and settlement amounts in the area. This knowledge helps us guide you in choosing coverage amounts.

Good customer service doesn’t end with your home insurance quote, however. We will revisit your choice over time as your situation changes. And when a loss occurs, you can count on us to guide you through the claims process.

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Call us for a free homeowners insurance quote. We are an independent insurance agency, which means you get the benefit of working with an agent who can compare policies and options for you from multiple topnotch insurance companies. Stop by and see us at 209 S. Main Street in downtown Verona, Wisconsin, or call us at 608-845-2666.