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May 16, 2016

"I am more than happy with the service and recommended coverage from Melissa. I followed the advise of an insurance professional and purchased appropriate coverage. When I needed to actually file a claim, the process was fast and accurate, and Melissa was there every step of the way to answer all my questions - and there were many! Turns out I was covered through and through for everything. I've been a loyal customer now for about 16 years and will NOT consider switching to another agent! Thank you so much Krell Insurance!"

Michelle Eisch


Jan 22, 2014

"I just have to say that working with Bill Krell was a pleasure. He was so patient and understanding through the whole proceess - we really appreciate that. We had so many questions about starting our new business we did not know where to begin. Thank you Bill once again for helping us make the right decisions for our business."

Mike Peterson

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